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Discover How-To Pay for College by Testing Out of College Classes.  There is a “dirty little secret” your financial aid adviser will never admit to in public.  The first two-years of college are nothing more than a repeat of what you already learned in high school.  With just a little refresher most students can test out of these classes in a matter of days. Not only can you skip 16-weeks of “busy work,” but you can also save hundred$, if not thousand$, of dollar$ in college tuition.  The program is called credit-by-exam (CBE aka test out) and is accepted at 2 out of 3 colleges and universities in the USA.  But your adviser will NEVER tell you this… So that’s why we do!

Earn REAL college credit for knowledge you’ve learned through independent study, prior course work, extra-curricular activities, on-the-job training, internships, professional development, foreign languages, or just plain life experiences.

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How-To Shorten Your Path to a College Degree

  • Think of testing out of college classes as the Cliffs Notes version of college. Use our practice tests and study guides to study a subject of your choice.  Don’t worry, there’s no boring reading and homework assignments. We skip the fluff and only focus on the concepts that you need to pass the exam in a matter of days, not months or even weeks.
  • Take a 90-minute pass-fail multiple-choice exam (with a very generous graded-curve). The exam is administered at over 1,900 testing centers across the USA and aboard, so you’re always just a short drive away.
  • If you pass the exam, you earn REAL college credit towards your associates or bachelors degree at over 2 out of 3 accredited colleges and universities; even including some Ivy League schools.
  • The average cost of the exam is less than the cost of your college textbook for the course.  Not to mention most colleges allow you to test out of up two-years of college coursework.  You don’t have to be a math major to know that’s a S#!T LOAD OF SAVINGS!


High School/Home School Students

high school students

Earning college credits BEFORE college can not only jump start your college degree, but prove to academic admission counselors that you’re college-ready. There’s a little known secret that the first 2-years of college is pretty much just a repeat of what you already learned in high school.  So why spend hours searching for grants, scholarships, and loans to pay for over priced courses you just completed for free; when you can easily test out of college classes? Click here to learn how-to jump start your college degree.

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College Students/Distance Learners

college student

Whether you’re just entering school or a returning adult, finishing your college degree can seem like a daunting task. Many students have the best intentions to graduate college, but life always seems to get in the way – whether it’s juggling work and family, an unexpected life change, or perhaps you just simply ran out of money. Whatever the reason, your college aspirations and career goals are deferred another semester, year, or even decade.  Click here to learn how-to finish your college degree.

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Military Service Members & Family


First, we want to thank you and your family for your service to protect our country’s freedoms. Second, we know that the military is demanding. While earning a college degree can help advance both your military or civilian sector career, it comes second to your duties. That’s why you require a flexible education plan that can work around your responsibilities.  Not to mention ALL exam fees are already paid for you and your family by the military; so NO excuses! Click here to learn how-to earn a college degree on your terms.

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See our Short Video for  CLEP and have 5 Reasons to take CLEP!


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